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Open the door to the world of music in your life!

These incredible seminars will lead YOU in a simple, step by step, hands-on approach to fully understanding such subjects as naming notes on the keyboard and guitar, playing scales and chords from memory, the basics of improvisation, reading and playing music notation, singing and songwriting.

Over 25,000 graduates on five continents have now experienced the magic and fun contained in these seminars with one of the world’s most entertaining and passionate educators, Duncan Lorien.

Music is a language and Duncan Lorien has finally discovered the way to show ANYONE how to understand and communicate it!

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Read what people say:

testimonial_anneliemThe fact that one can learn to read notes and play the chords in just 3 days is unbelievable, but true. I strongly recommend that you attend this seminar and see the doors to the world of music open up! Read moreAnnelie Melander

testimonial_glenjThe beauty of the whole thing is that the seminar doesn’t confuse me or “jinx” my musical or creative ability. It is rather the opposite, it turned me around and helped understand exactly what I was doing right and now I can orchestrate anything. All from one weekend! Read moreGlen Gabriel

testimonial_lizettepIn just 3 days I totally understood what notes are and how to read them. Confusions I didn’t even know I had went away and suddenly the subject of music was even more simple! Read moreLizette

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