Songwriting Seminar – Learn to create your own songs fast

The Understanding of Songwriting Seminar ™

The quickest way to write songs in any style

Create your own music, melody, lyrics and chords on the piano or guitar!
Become the composer and songwriter you have always wanted to be!

The Understanding of Songwriting Seminar  opens the door to creating quality songs by learning how to produce an enormous quantity of songs in weeks not years! Experience a whole new level of competence, creativity & inspiration!​

This seminar is open to anyone who has completed the Understanding of Music Seminar in any country in the world and this year is being run in
Berlin, Germany and Moscow, Russia.

Duncan Lorien training students to visualize sounds they are about to sing.

By MATT DEMIRS – LYNN ITEM June 28, 2017

Aspiring musicians might finally find the right key in Boston next month as Nahant based musician Duncan Lorien unravels the basics for locals finding their voice. International recording artist, composer, and music educator, Lorien will offer “Understanding the Basics of Singing Seminar™” from July 8-9 for anyone interested in mastering the basics of singing through his revolutionary approach. His two-day class will break down the basics of singing and live performance by giving students the tools to deal with stage fright, while dramatically increasing their stage presence. “There are so many programs out there for people who want to sing,” Lorien said. “It is designed for the average man or woman who’s had a desire to sing but hasn’t always had the confidence to use their voice.” Participants will learn simple drills to increase breath and pitch control, as well as range and tonal quality. Lorien’s radical approach explains each of these concepts so attendees can gain comfort in singing and performance in just one weekend. Lorien’s Boston class will be one of three internationally renowned seminars offered by Lorien through his Understanding of Music Company. The Understanding of Music Company was founded in 1991. Since then, Lorien has conducted seminars in more than 16 countries on six continents, with more than 25,000 graduates worldwide. His extensive fan base, built by his unique methodology, has received critical acclaim throughout the U.S, Europe, Russia, New Zealand, and Australia. With 20-plus years of research into the history and teaching of Western music, Lorien is invested in helping people find their talents. “This is the way music was always meant to be,” he said. “It’s a subject for the common man, not just the chosen few. I want to bring music back to the people — where it belongs — and show just the chosen few. I want to bring music back to the people — where it belongs — and show everyone that it is not a complex, serious subject but a fun, freeing experience to learn and master any instrument, including the voice.” Lorien has worked as a recording artist, songwriter and producer with BMG Publishing, EMI Records, Polygram, PRT Records, Chappell, Carlin, Intersong, Ocean Disque and ARC Records. He had two #1 albums with guitarist Martin Daley, “Architects of Time” and “Dreams of the Yes Men.” Lorien writes and performs many musical styles, including: rock, jazz, blues, and classical and recently released a rock instrumental album, “One Life at a Time,”. The seminar is open to anyone who wishes to expand knowledge and understanding of singing, from beginners to professional musicians and music teachers. The seminar will total 13 hours over Saturday and Sunday. It is asked that attendees be at least 13 years of age. Lorien, who’s spent more than 45 years teaching music, has yet to find someone who can’t sing, he said. “A teacher’s job is to inspire the individual on their own musical journey,” he said. “And if you can do that, you’ve done the very best for your students.” Matt Demirs can be reached at

October 2014 Interview with Radio New Zealand: Music Mythbuster

Duncan Lorien travels the world teaching people how to play music. He teaches all kinds of people – people who never learned to play, people who have given up trying to learn a musical instrument and people who learned at school and have forgotten just about everything they knew.

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Forward into 2020

The Understanding of Music™ was delivered in Spain for the first time in 2019 and plans are currently underway to return to Ibiza in Spain. Cluj-Napoca in Romania will experience the seminar for the second time in October, 2020. Understanding of Music™ seminars will also return to Auckland, Berlin, Boston, Budapest, Canberra, Clearwater, London, Melbourne, Moscow, Perth & Vienna during 2020.  Continue reading