Understanding the Basics of Singing Seminar™

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This seminar is the long-awaited full release of my researches on singing plus 40 years experience working as a professional musician, recording artist, composer,  producer, director and teacher of improvisation to drama students. As a music educator I have taught thousands of musicians to understand music theory, to play and read music and to compose music in my Understanding of Music Seminars™ and Understanding of Songwriting Seminars™ as well as in private tuition. This is the seminar that actually puts the tools for singing in your hands!

Understanding the Basics of Singing is delivered online live with supervised audience drilling and interaction and while it does not claim to be is a substitute for traditional coaching of singing it cuts like a laser through all the confusion on the subject by explaining what works and what does not work when it comes to learning how to sing well enough to enjoy performing for an audience. People see enormous vocal improvement during the seminar itself!

What is learned in Understanding the Basics of Singing Seminar™?

  • Finding out what “to sing” originally meant; almost no-one teaches this information today and it immediately changes even the way even a professional sings!
  • How to train being relaxed in front of any audience. How to totally handle stage fright and how to develop a stage presence.
  • What is the meaning of the phrase “to sing in pitch” and how can it be trained?
  • Learn to improve your breath control with simple drills.
  • Discover the way the voice box really works.
  • How to visualize a sound before you sing it.
  • Adding interesting effects to your vocal repertoire.
  • Training your voice to sing any syllable while maintaining the pitch of the sound.
  • Mastering intervals by using special references to well-known pieces of music.
  • Handling what are called vocal breaks or transitions in the singing voice.
  • Increasing the range of your singing voice.
  • Projecting your singing voice and improving the tonal quality.
  • Learn to sight-sing so you can look at music and know how to sing it.
  • Specially designed vocal warm-up and cool-down exercises for the voice.
  • How to do a simple daily practice schedule that really works.
  • Each attendee is given a manual containing all the information and drills.
  • Each attendee is given access to a video link containing demonstrations of all the drills.
  • No claim is made that graduates are singing like Celine Dion or Pavarotti in only a few hours but beginners totally understand how to sing and improve their singing on a daily basis by the end of the seminar and professional singers are amazed by how the simplicity and effectiveness of this new approach to singing effects everything they have previously been taught about singing.


How can all this happen in just a few hours? 

Duncan Lorien developed an advanced system of easy steps that ensures everyone in the Seminar fully understands and is able to apply each step before the next step is started. All the Seminar information is included in an easy to read manual with simple diagrams. The attendee interacts with the manual throughout the Seminar and continues at home with the daily practice schedule and DVD demonstrating the drills. The Seminar manual and video link is included in the cost of the Seminar.

What is the graduation rate? 

100 %. No student has ever failed to notice a large improvement during the seminar and dramatic improvement over the months spent following the drills presented in the seminar.

What instruments are required?

None. Simply bring your body with you as it helps when doing the drills!

Who should come to this Seminar?

Absolute beginners in singing, professional singers in all styles of music, college graduates with music degrees, music teachers and even music college instructors have all testified to incredible success with the materials contained in Understanding the Basics of Singing Seminar™. As with all  The Understanding of Music Seminars™ you are never too old and never too young to learn to sing. The youngest recommended age is 13 years old (depending on study ability). Younger children will be considered on written application.

What is the Seminar schedule? 

The seminar is 11 -12 hours long and the schedule varies in different timezones. The seminar is sometimes held on one afternoon plus one full day and sometimes held on a similar schedule on two consecutive days. For details on the exact schedule of Understanding the Basics of Singing Seminar™ in your area please contact the Organizer of the seminar using the direct link on the Seminar Schedule page on this website.

What are the other important details I need to know?

Seminar Rules

There are some basic rules you are asked to adhere to while attending a Seminar delivered by Duncan Lorien in order for you to gain the maximum out of the seminar.

  • No drugs or alcohol may be consumed during the days on which the Seminar is being held (attendees receiving prescription drugs under medical supervision are requested to advise the Seminar Organizer what drugs are being prescribed).
  • Any attendee with a reading or hearing problem or who is physically challenged is requested to advise the Seminar Organizer so the best efforts can be made to accommodate that attendee.
  • No smoking will be allowed during the Seminar but sufficient meal and rest breaks should ensure this is not a problem.
  • Any attendee who is unable to adhere to the full schedule and maintain punctuality creates a disruption to the rest of the attendees and will be refunded and asked to leave the Seminar.
  • Recording the online presentation is not permitted as it creates a distraction and vall materials are internationally copyrighted. Taking notes are welcomed but not essential as all information is in the Seminar materials provided.
  • Each attendee undertakes to make the Seminar Presenter immediately aware of any confusion or difficulty so that it can be fully handled at that time.
Seminar Price

$395 (U.S. dollars) or 350 Euros plus tax. There are no discounted rates. The full deposit of $150 (U.S. dollars) or 150 Euros secures the place of a student on the Seminar and due to the demand for strictly limited places the earlier this deposit is made the greater the chance someone has of being awarded a place at a Seminar.

The fee includes the Seminar manual and access to the video link plus the opportunity to do the same Seminar again for an administrative fee. Repeating the seminar is strongly encouraged. Those who repeat the seminar, agree that all the concepts and actions become mastered at an even higher level. It also includes an option to consult by letter, e-mail, fax or phone with the Understanding of Music Company™ on any aspect of the information contained in the Seminars at no extra charge.

Seminar Success

Here is a sample of success stories from the Understanding the Basics of Singing Seminar:

  • ”I didn’t know where to start with my vocal training. This seminar has got me started and already increasing my vocal potential.” – N.F.
  • “I now have the brightest sparkle in my eyes, I can’t stop smiling! Thank you Duncan – your seminar is not only enlightening, but life-changing!” –  E.K.
  • “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Duncan Lorien! I was thrilled and surprised to learn that I DO have power behind my voice!” – M.C.
  • “Imagine KNOWING what sound will come out, being able to choose note, quality and strength at will! Wow!” – N.F.
  • ”I have learned so much about singing and have improved dramatically. This data is not only limited to singing but is also about self-improvement.” – C.W.
  • “Thank you for your wonderful teaching methods and great sense of humor. Again, thanks a million!” – Y.A.
  • “Thank you Duncan!!! You showed us the steps to becoming excellent singers. I am better already and will now be a great singer!!!” – D.G.
  • “I have learnt how to claim my OWN space!” – T.M.
  • “Thank you for enlightening me in what I have loved all my life, helping me to understand and do it with more fire!” – J.S.
  • “Thank you for extracting the truth from a sea of rubbish to help us all make our musical dreams come true!” – B.A.
  • “In 20 years of being a professional singer nobody has given me so much help, information and understanding as Duncan did in 2 days. I always had problems with higher notes, now I have a way to manage them. I have also improved transitions between different registers of my voice. There is so much potential available by using the practice schedule in the handbook” – S.F.
  • “Now I finally KNOW that I am NOT tone deaf and believe that I never should have been told that I was in the first place”. – E.P.
  • “The handling of the vocal instrument, the excellent exercises and drills plus the handling of stagefright all stand out as voice and life-strengthening highlights of the weekend” – A.S.
  • “You have given me the exact tools I need to believe in myself and fine-tune my voice, thank you, thank you!” – K.E.


E-mail received a few days before the seminar:

Dear Duncan,

I have not found a ride out of here yet, but I have one more possibility with a trapper that needs supplies. The problem is that I am hundreds of miles from any major roads and it is only fly-in/fly-out. I have a plane ticket from Anchorage (Alaska) to Boston (Massachusetts). It is just getting out of here that is the problem. I am going to make the five-mile hike to his cabin now to see if he is willing to give me a ride. So I will let you know either way in the morning. Sorry for the delay. Smiles from the wild, wild West – D.M.

And her success story after completing the seminar:

“My career came to a halt when after a performance I was told by someone that I had the prettiest voice he had ever heard but that I made him feel uncomfortable and uneasy. From this seminar I realized that I wasn’t taking command of the room. I now have the tools to take command of any audience!” – D.M.