“Great seminar! I would recommend this course to every student.” 
– Carlos Campos – Instructor, Berklee College of Music

“From novice to musician in a weekend.” 
– Boston Globe 

“Demystifies music.” 
– Daily Journal 

“Fanfare for the common man. Start spreading the news.” 
– Herald Sun

“Lorien’s great gift is the ability to make simple what had seemed complex.”
– Roslyn Guy, Arts Editor, The Age

“I salute you!” 
– Ron Payne, Editor of The Australian Music Teacher 

“If you have any doubts, take it from someone who may appear not to need it.  DO DUNCAN’S COURSE!” 
– Geoff Levin (film composer)

“Awe-inspiring experience. I achieved something I never thought possible this lifetime and thank you for that.” 
– Lee Rogers, filmaker

“I think I’ll go home and write a few songs.” 
– Erika Christensen

“The most amazing experience. Wow! Seriously, up there with meeting my new-born for the first time. I had an actual physical reaction to the seminar  which was pretty wild. I wear glasses or contact lenses and at one point it felt as though my eyes were out of focus or rather my lenses were too strong. I actually had to remove them as it felt as though my eyesight suddenly markedlyhad improved! I loved this experience and wish for everyone I know to share this with me.” 
– Kate Ceberano

“Anyone seriously interested in playing should take this seminar.” 
– Magic Dick, J. Geils Band

“I finally received what I never got at ******* college of music.” 
– Roderick Camelia, guitar teacher

“This experience has blown my mind. I have been got at (in the past) by self-important music secret-policemen, keepers of the codes who made me feel squashed and stupid because I didn’t get the ‘dots and lines and squiggily stuff”.  I can now learn this stuff in a way that works and is real to me. It makes me feel very in the present and powerful. Funny, coming from someone who has made a living out of music for 20 years!” 
– Phil Ceberano

“Probably the most honest music seminar on the planet. I learned more in two days than I did in the last eight years.” 
– John Fordham 

“My success story is that I UNDERSTAND music and possess the skills to be able to translate my understanding into any and every facet of my life.” 
– Bobby Amin

“This seminar has given me my life back.” 
– Scott Fletcher, guitarist 
“I highly recommend it.” 
– Bill Shanley, guitarist (Mary Black band) 

“It took me five years to reach a point equal to the first few hours of this course.   There is nothing comparable to this data in the field of music.” 
– Billy Van Horn 

“I feel renovated and a great need to communicate through music again.” 
– Georges Phillipart – Bassoonist, Venezuelan symphony orchestra 

“I have taught music for thirty years and would not have believed this possible in one weekend but it really, really is!” 
– Andrej Mentschukoff 

“Unbelievable to have fourteen years of information clarified so that I can pursue what I’ve always wanted to do; make music. Thank you so much.” 
– Corneille Hutten-Burger, classical guitarist

“I extracted more from the information and material than in all the time at  ******* (music college).” 
– Peter Corona, analyst 

“This phenomena must be passed on. Truly amazing and it shows that the human mind is only what you choose to make it. Not only a music lesson but a lesson of life.” 
– Samuel Boon

“The course material, the presentation, the surrounding organization, but most of all Duncan, are the most caring, inspiring, dedicated, thought-provoking, comprehensive, understandable, accessible, fun and exciting learning experience I have ever had.” 
– Stuart Begg

“It has opened a whole new world to me” 
– Riaan Venter, logistics analyst 

“This is a prelude to music literacy for society.” 
– John Delievet 

“The name of Duncan Lorien should be spoken about in the same breath as all great revolutionaries.” 
– Ben Rudnick 

“I have experienced the two most happy days of my life.” 
– Willie Saril 

“It out-distanced anything I could have imagined.” 
– Bennett Weber 

“Mr. Lorien will be in the books of discoveries.” 
– Randy Ramos 

“I went to ******* college of music for four years and accumulated a lot of confusion while I was there. This weekend de-mystified my musical education.” 
Kelly Riley, recording artist and vocal instructor 

“I was blown away by this course. Finally after 10 years I can see the mysteries of music. When I look at a piece of music I now see notes and other symbols not squiggles, THANK YOU!” 
– Daniel Slattery
“After twenty years of self-study the veil has been lifted.” 
– Robert L. Olsen 

“It has got rid of a BIG BLACK HOLE which has held me back all these years..” 
– Bert Gale
“This seminar totally changed my viewpoint on music and life.” 
– Teresa Ray

“This seminar is not only a must for everyone interested in music – whether you are a beginner or a pro – it’s actually life-changing in so many other areas of life. Move over Dixie Chicks, I’m a’comin’ !!!! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” 
– Gay Johnson 

“This seminar is exactly what it says it is.” 
– Ron Klipstein 

“I didn’t just learn about music. What I’ve learned applies to all areas of my life.” 
– Sandy Hendricks, singer 

“I cannot put into words the value of what this seminar actually does. My view of what I can do has broadened remarkably. I could become a studio musician if I wanted, maybe I will. I could teach anyone. I could get out and play again like I always wanted. It is possible. Thank you Duncan.” 
– Nigel Vennell
“This is a gift to mankind.” 
– Uli Sommer 
“I learned an amazing amount about the simplicity of music and I will be able to enjoy music much more than I have before.” 
– Mike Fullager, entrepreneur 

“I’ve fulfilled my life-long dream of learning how to play a musical instrument.” 
– Monitar Tan

“It’s the simplified version of music I’ve been looking for.” 
– Gavin Almezda 

“A new world presented which has eluded me all my life.” 
– Ken Humphries 

“An absolute voyage of discovery.” 
– Adriaan Bekker, financial manager 

“Thank you for all the freedom you have given to my mind and heart.” 
Roger Schweizer, sculptor 

“From 0% to a 100% in three days! And all with lots of fun.”
– Andreas Fuchs 

“This seminar is truly exchange in abundance.” 
– Miriam Hodosy 

“Thanks a million Duncan.” 
– Alan Ryan, commercial artist 

“After playing the guitar and keyboard for twenty years I had my eyes opened for the first time by this seminar.” 
– Ward Stevens, chiropractor 

“Thank you Duncan for giving me back my life.” 
– Peter Ruane, opera singer 

“I understand and can play and really read music. This is miraculous but true.” 
– Deborah Dunham, artist 

“This weekend has been one of the most rewarding things I have done for myself in my entire life.” 
– Susan Renee Cotton 

“By the end I knew I could play any instrument I wanted to.” 
– Helen Cruse 

“It was the most incredible thing I have ever done.” 
– Jessica Messsner 

“This seminar cleared up about forty years of confusions, misunderstandings and falsehoods about music and its development. This resulted in an education level  with music that I thought was beyond reach.” 
– Dave Kline, violinist 

“In the future people will talk about the man who changed music education forever, Duncan R. Lorien, and I will be able to say I was at the grass-roots of that movement.”
– Tara Layton, painter and graphic designer

“Everything I have been looking for, missing and even avoiding, the seminar has brought the knowledge to my hands.” 
– Mauricio Sanmartin, pan-pipe player 

“I learned so many things in addition to what I expected.” 
– Trudy Gertsen 

“This is a pure demonstration of the power of simplicity.” 
– Ofra Friedman 

“The number of doors that have opened for me in these two days in the fields of understanding and creativity are uncountable.” 
– Marco Errath 

“This seminar is stupendous!” 
– Sylvia Coward, personal trainer 

“I have loved every minute of doing this seminar.” 
– Debbie James 

“Incredible, it was far, far more than I ever expected.”
– Alymer Stander 

“I now know I’m going to play any instument I want.” 
– Silvia Soltesz 

“This seminar is priceless.” 
– Steve Littler, consultant 

“After years of playing music, three of them professionally, this course has blown my mind! I am so inspired to restart my musical career.” 
– Ludwig Bouwer 

“It was everything that was promised and more.” 
– Hermann Heukelman 

“One word comes to mind…….Wow!!!” 
– Avara Pearson, opera singer 

“In just two days I’ve reached a level of understanding I thought I’d never be able to get in this life.” 
– David Vannier, manager 

“The seminar stripped away the frustrations of music and music practice as a kid.” 
– Emily Miller, consultant 

“When I got back home I took off like a rocket. Thanks for a great seminar. Your energy and enthusiasm is infectious.” 
– Stephen Alpert, composer and producer 

“I’ve been playing music for twenty years and I never thought I could know all this. It’s astounding and beyond.” 
– James Kolousek, musician 

“This is the best teaching in music I have had in my life.” 
– Rita Stockmayr 

“It has been said that a star is born every minute but with Duncan Lorien one is actually made every weekend.” 
– Dan Rezac 

“Brilliant, simply brilliant!!” 
– Brett Stevens, chiropractor 

“All the mystery has been cleared up and the light now shines brightly.” 
– Michael Dodge, recording engineer 

“This was a breathtaking seminar.” 
– Adrian Pownall, singer 

“I have a new feeling about the subject of music and it has opened the door to an infinity of creations.” 
– Frank Fischer, composer 

“Thank you for this incredible gift to the world of music and music lovers.” 
– Stephan Gebhardt-Seele, saxophonist 

“You have demonstrated that music is for everyone.” 
– Daniel Thomson 

“Thank you Duncan for what you are doing!” 
– Amanda “Princess” Diepold 

“In one weekend you have solved a veritable Rubic’s cube of music that has kept me puzzled and frustrated for the past forty years.” 
– Richard Rotella, doctor 

“I never had any hope of becoming an actual musician. I now know I have the physical and mental tools to become one.” 
– Roger Schutt, lyricist 

“I am 100% certain that I have every tool I need to do whatever I wish in music.” 
– Mark Krajewski, sales consultant 

“I am five years younger as a result of your seminar.” 
– James Keppler