Success from Glen Gabriel

This seminar is the best that has happened to me for my musical mind! Since I am a orchestral composer for films, tv and other artists, I have always been told that I need to know how to read and write traditional music.

Before this seminar I couldn’t and did get along somewhat. But each day I was living in some kind of fear I was not able to perform because I wasn’t able to read or write traditional music… I kept thinking that since I didn’t learn this from when I was a child it was too late now and it would take years and years for me to really grasp this subject if I started. 

When I met Duncan and did his seminar, this idea changed as well as my life. After 1 weekend I fixed the problem. Since that seminar, I have further developed and trained myself with the help of Duncan’s techniques to the point that I even know more than the average classically/traditional educated musician! I have not missed one seminar Duncan has done in my country since I learn more and more for each time I go.

The beauty of the whole thing is that the seminar doesn’t confuse me or “jinx” my musical or creative ability. It is rather the opposite, it turned me around and helped understand exactly what I was doing right and now I can orchestrate anything. All from one weekend! Since there is nothing else like this out there to compare it with, the power can not be explained by mere words. It is simply something one has to EXPERIENCE in order to understand.

Thank you!!

Glen Gabriel