Forward into 2020

The Understanding of Music™ was delivered in Spain for the first time in 2019 and plans are currently underway to return to Ibiza in Spain. Cluj-Napoca in Romania will experience the seminar for the second time in October, 2020. Understanding of Music™ seminars will also return to Auckland, Berlin, Boston, Budapest, Canberra, Clearwater, London, Melbourne, Moscow, Perth & Vienna during 2020.  Continue reading

Worldwide Expansion: Seminars now online!

The last year has been a challenge for all of us as we have encountered travel restrictions but it has let to a huge expansion of the seminars delivered by the Understanding of Music Company™.  A new state-of-the art audio-visual studio with multiple cameras now giving close-ups of the keyboard, guitar and Duncan’s amazing singing technique brings the full Understanding of Music Seminar experience directly to your home. With 18 online seminars already delivered to rave reviews all over the world and live translation into many languages the rest of 2021 looks like being the biggest expansion of the Understanding of Music Seminars ever. Although seminars are based in one country people are joining them from all over the world. Seminars are currently scheduled for delivery in Australia, Romania, Austria, Germany, New Zealand, Russia, Hungary and Spain, the U.S.A. and the U.K. This new online format allows you a greater depth of understanding as you engage with Duncan on an intimate level and with the amazing videos, animations and graphics that now accompany each seminar you will learn to play, read, sing and compose in the comfort of your own home and at a speed that it is almost impossible to imagine until you experience it for yourself!

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