Forward into 2023

The Understanding of Music™ is planned for a special online delivery to Cluj-Napoca in Romania for the second time in May, 2023. Understanding of Music™ online seminars will also return to Berlin, Boston, Budapest, Canberra, Clearwater, London, Melbourne, Moldova, Perth & Vienna during 2023. 

All the exercises contained in The Understanding of Music Seminar™ are now available on a new DVD for all past and future graduates of the seminar. New tools, such as a self-inking stamp with the amazing Lorien method of Reading Pitch™ have also been created to increase sight-reading speed.

The Understanding of Music Company™ wants to bring the seminars to as many countries as possible and is currently looking to find potential Organizers in Japan, China and South Korea as well as more locations in the U.K. and U.S.A. Please contact us if you would like to be part of the movement to open the door to music in your country!

Worldwide Expansion of our Seminars

The Understanding of Music Company™ wants to share with the average man or woman on the street anywhere in the world this simple and super fast way to learn to play, read, sing and compose. Are you interested in helping to organize a seminar in your city? Contact the Understanding of Music Seminar for more information.

Finally, a way to learn and play music that is fun and really works!